The NEURC has made a final decision on Ukrtransgaz certification

The NEURC has made a final decision on Ukrtransgaz certification in accordance with the European gas supply security regulations.

Ukrtransgaz is the 2nd storage system operator in Europe to successfully pass the certification and prove its right to carry out gas storage activities in accordance with the updated regulations in the European Union and the Energy Community.

The certification is another step towards strengthening the energy resilience of both Ukraine and the EU. 


“Today, a strategic decision for Ukrtransgaz, the Storage System Operator of Ukraine, has been made. I would like to once again thank our team and all process participants for their prompt and coordinated work and professional approach to implementation of the crucial for Ukraine project: from registration and voting of a draft law in the Verkhovna Rada to a final decision on certification by the Regulator. This decision will allow us to develop new partnerships and, accordingly, contribute to strengthening the energy security of Ukraine and the EU.”, ‒ said Roman Maliutin, Acting General Director of Ukrtransgaz. 


The mandatory certification procedure for storage system operators was introduced in the EU on July 1, 2022, to counteract russia's use of gas storages in Europe under its control to blackmail other countries and to prevent a recurrence of cases when the volume of gas in storages was insufficient to properly cover the autumn and winter period.

Ukrtransgaz certification gives a right to engage Ukrainian gas storages for implementation of energy security measures in Europe, as provided for by the EU Gas Supply Security Regulation, including storage of non-resident customers' reserves, as well as reserves for the countries that do not have their own gas storages or gas volumes jointly purchased by countries for crisis situations.