Announcement of preliminary market consultations

«Joint Stock Company Ukrtransgaz


Business entities to participate in preliminary market consultations regarding reconstruction of a compressor shop

1. Name of the Purchaser: Joint Stock Company Ukrtransgaz.

2. Subject of the Procurement: reconstruction of compressor shop (hereinafter referred to as "the Facility").

3. Language of Consultations: Ukrainian (if necessary, the Consultations Participant engages its own enterpreter to translate spoken and written speech and documents from Ukrainian into the Consultations Participant’s language).

4. Place of execution of works: Lviv region, Ukraine.

5. Estimated period of performance of works: 2024-2027.

6. Conditions of financing, currency of settlements:

settlement currency – Hryvnia (letter code – UAH, digital code – 980);

the terms of financing are as follows: post-payment based on works completion certificates. Other terms of financing may be determined based on the results of the Consultations.

7. Basic technical solutions, basic equipment, work performance technology considering the specifics of production:

Reconstruction of the Facility is to be carried out to increase its energy efficiency, reduce operating costs, increase its reliability and maintainability in the shortest possible time with the use of modern reliable equipment.

Reconstruction of the Facility is to be carried out in stages to preserve its functionability during injection and extraction of gas from the underground storage: Stage I – three gas pumping units, Stage II – two gas pumping units.

The scope of reconstruction of the Facility includes of such types of works:

- Reconstruction of five gas pumping units (GPU), which include:

- Dismantling of NK-12ST engines;

- Dismantling of cladding (sandwich panels) of GPU;

- Dismantling of the GPU floor (metal part);

- Sandblasting and painting of GPUs’ metal structures;

- Installation of new sandwich panels;

- Installation of new noise-absorbing panels;

- Installation of a new GPU floor (metal part):

- Installation of new gas turbine engines (GTE) D-336-2 (supplied be the Purchaser) on existing foundations;

- Installation of a transitional spacer between the GTE and the supercharger;

- Installation of foundations for the automation block-boxes, fire extinguishing units, installation of a heat-utilizer (3 pcs.) and block-boxes of pumps for a heat-utilizer (3 pcs.);

- Installation of automation block-boxes;

- Installation of fire extinguishing units;

- Installation of heat-utilizers (3 pcs.);

- Installation of pumps for a heat-utilizer;

- Pouring oil into the GPU;

- Dismantling of the technological pipelines of five GPUs and foundations;

- Installation of new technological pipelines of five GPUs, the scope of which includes installation of new foundations, installation of ball valves DN300-DN700, PN10 MPa with pneumohydraulic drive in the amount of 19 pcs.; control valves DN300, PN10 MPa in the amount of 5 pcs., and check valves DN300-DN700 PN10 MPa in the amount of 10 pcs.;

- Hydraulic testing of technological pipelines and GPU bindings;

- Anti-corrosion protection of technological pipelines and installation of thermal and noise insulation;

- Dismantling and installation of internal heat networks with an estimated length of 1350 m, with connection to new heat-utilizers;

- Installation and pre-commissioning of the GPUs’ automatic control system (5 pcs.) and compressor shop automatic control system;

- Laying of inter-shop electrical networks;

- Dismantling the equipment of two transformer substations;

- Installation of new equipment of transformers 2KTP-1000-10/0.4-U3, 2KTP-1250-10/0.4-U3 and associated switchboards;

- Installation of foundations for a gas engine power plant and installation of the block-complete gas engine power plant itself with a capacity of at least 2,500 kW, complete with a 0.4 kV DES and an electrical equipment block (EEB);

- Installation of the equipment of a new station of fuel and lubricants (SFL) with tanks in the existing building;

- Installation of lightning protection on the buildings of the production and power unit (PPU), the building of complete transformer substation (KTS) and the building of SFL;

- Land improvement by laying reinforced concrete road and pavement slabs;

- Pre-Commissioning works of installed equipment.

8. List of matters to be discussed with the Consultations Participants:

8.1. the main technical solutions and the main equipment to be used at the Facility;

8.2. the technology for performing work at the Facility considering the specifics of production (continuous production process of increased risk – the process of injection, storing, extracting and transporting of natural gas);

8.3. conditions for the execution and financing of works, including the expected cost of the works, financing conditions (advance payment, terms of payment) and the period of works.

9. Deadline for registration of Consultations Participants to participate in preliminary market consultations is 17-00 (EET) 27.11.2023.

The Participants shall submit an application for participation which is to include the following information and documents:

For residents of Ukraine:

- name of the company;

- company details;

- details of a contact person;

- a certificate of non-affiliation with the russian federation / republic of belarus (Annex 1).

 For non-residents of Ukraine:

- details of a contact person;

- a certificate of non-affiliation with the russian federation / republic of belarus (Annex 1);

- questionnaire of a legal entity (Annex 2).

Based on the results of registration, the Participants will be sent a draft agreement on the protection of confidential information, after signing of which the Participants will be provided with more detailed information about the Facility (Annex 3).

10. Place, time and form of Consultations: 9/1, Klovskiy Uzviz, Kyiv, Ukraine, 10-00 (EЕT) December 15.2023., the form of the Consultations is multilateral "Round Table" format meeting with direct physical participation or remote participation (online-conference) of business entities

11. Contact person of the Purchaser for organizational issues and communication with the Consultations Participants: Oleksandr FUZHENKOV, contact number: +380 (50) 335 06 96, working hours and days for communication: Monday – Friday, 08:30 – 17:30 (EET).


We are glad to see everyone at the Consultations!



  1. The documents necessary for the preparation of the Participants for the Consultations will be sent by the Purchaser to their e-mail addresses in advance, after the expiration of the deadline for registration of the Consultations Participants.
  2. The list of matters to be discussed with the Consultations Participants may be supplemented with other (new) issues the need to discuss which will arise before the Purchaser before the date of the Consultations, and all the Consultations Participants will be informed on them in advance.
  3. The information provided by the Consultations Participants will be treated carefully and will be used internally within the project. The presented ideas may be used by the Purchaser in his future procurements, presented in an anonymous and depersonalized form at dialogue conferences, in tender documentation, etc., in connection with its future tenders.
  4. The Consultations and their results have an advisory value for the Purchaser, do not entail the emergence of any obligations of the Purchaser to the Consultations Participants and, in any case, are not a guarantee of the victory of any Consultations Participant in the Procurement.
  5. Participation in the Consultations does not grants any Consultations Participant any advantages over other Consultations Participants or anyone else in the event of the Consultations Participant's further participation in the Procurement.
  6. The Consultations and their results are not an offer by the Purchaser to the Consultations Participants to commit any transaction.
  7. When registering for the Consultations, the Consultations Participants must inform the Purchaser of the form of the Consultations desired:
  • multilateral meeting of the "Round Table" format among all the Consultations Participants and the Purchaser;
  • bilateral meeting of the “Round Table” format between the Consultations Participant (You) and the Purchaser.»