Re-export of natural gas from Ukrainian underground storage facilities has been resumed

The Ministry of Energy of Ukraine has decided to resume re-export of natural gas from Ukraine.

The changes apply to gas that will be imported into the territory of Ukraine from April 3, 2022 for further storage in underground gas storage facilities in the customs warehouse mode, including transportation at a special short-haul tariff. Gas imported into Ukraine before April 3, 2022, is still subject to a ban on re-export, but can be customs cleared and sold in our country.

Re-export of (export of previously imported) natural gas from Ukraine was resumed after the relevant amendments to the Order of the Ministry of Energy No. 99, which on March 3, 2022 suspended re-export of gas from Ukraine due to hostilities on the territory.

"We welcome the decision to resume natural gas re-exports from Ukraine. This shows that our state and, in particular, the Storage System Operator of Ukraine will continue to be a reliable partner. Resumption of re-export operations is an important signal for our foreign customers, who now operate in 27 countries. We hope that in the new season of gas injection, they will consider the Ukrainian gas storage facilities as a site for natural gas storage,” - said Sergii Pereloma, acting General Director of Ukrtransgaz.