Services of the Storage System Operator


Basic services:


Basic services of natural gas storage (injection, withdrawal) are provided on the basis of gas storage (injection, withdrawal) agreement in the format of 3 options:

Annual capacity is a package service provided for a period of 1 year of storage. This service envisages the provision of daily working volume during the year,  injection capacities (during the basic injection season), and withdrawal capacities (during the basic withdrawal season) on a firm basis, as well as the most favorable tariffs, are proposed.

Free gas storage capacitis which will be the subject to the annual capacity allocation procedure, starting from April 1, 2022, shall be 14 bcm. 

Individual monthly services provide Customers with access to the daily working volume for 1 gas month on a firm basis, individual monthly injection capacity, and individual monthly withdrawal capacity during one gas month on an interruptible basis (regardless of the basic season).

Individual day-ahead services include Individual day-ahead injection and Individual day-ahead withdrawal capacities which are available to Customers whose annual capacity and/or individual working volume for month have been allocated. This option provides for access to the day-ahead injection and withdrawal capacities on an interruptable basis.



  • Administration of transfer of natural gas

This service is free of charge. It provides the Customers with access to the virtual gas transmission point in the underground gas storages  (hereinafter – the «UGS»). It includes confirmation of trade notifications and accounting for the transfer of natural gas stored in UGS.

The service is also available for Customers which store gas in the “customs warehouse” regime. It allows the transfer of gas on the basis of confirmed trade notifications for both resident and non-resident companies.


Ukrainian and foreign Customers have an opportunity to store natural gas in Ukrainian UGS without paying taxes and customs duties for 1095 days with an option of the further sale in Ukraine by the customs clearance or re-export to EU countries.

The service enables gas Owners to minimize operating costs and ensure both short- and long-term storage of gas in UGS at the most favorable rates.

At the beginning of the 2020/2021 heating season, The storage Clients stored 11.2 bcm of gas in the “customs warehouse” regime. This represents 40% of the total gas reserves in Ukrainian UGS.


  • “Customs warehouse” + short-haul

Short-haul has been implemented by Transmission System Operator since  January 1, 2020. It provides the Customers with access to UGS at the reduced tariffs for transmission between certain entry or exit points on the interconnection points.

The service is available in combination with gas storage in the “customs warehouse” regime and is defined as capacity with restrictions.

Short-haul rates are on average 4 times cheaper than standard when booking day-ahead services.


Additional services:


A service that allows the Owners of gas stored in the UGS to use it as a bank pledge when obtaining loans. At the same time, representatives of the lending bank are enabled to monitor all transactions with the gas pledged. The functionality is available for banking institutions via the  I-platform 24/7.


  • Exchange gas trading in UGS

A service that provides the Customers with access to standardized exchange products for trade in natural gas stored in underground gas storage facilities of Ukraine. Gas auctions through the electronic platform of the Ukrainian Energy Exchange are available for both resident and non-resident companies.