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  1. Getting the І-platform user status and electronic registration of authorized persons
  • The Storage Service Customer, who intends to get the I-Platform User status, shall provide the SSO with an application for the creation of the Platform Authorized User Account.


  • The application shall be accompanied by written Power of Attorney issued by the I-Platform User for each person authorized to access the I-Platform on behalf of the Platform User.

(Annex 1)

  • In addition, the I-Platform User shall provide the SSO with a Power of Attorney for persons who are authorized to sign documents submitted through the I-Platform on behalf of the Platform User, including persons who have Power of Attorney access to the I-Platform.

(Annex 2)


The Storage Service Customer who have access to the I-Platform in the person of the direct manager of such entity shall provide the gas storage operator with a relevant message stating the personal signature sample and the serial number of the digital signature of that.

(Annex 3)

  • In case of an adjustment of the account of authorized persons or delete the account of authorized persons, the user of the I-platform shall provide the SSO with the application.

(Sample of application)


After receiving the application on creation of the account of the authorized users of the I-platform, the SSO creates the accounts of the authorized persons of the I-platform user and sends to the email address of the authorized person of the I-platform user specified in the message, login and initial password (personal private key) for using the I-platform. 

  1. Platform User's privacy notice

Each І-platform user and the authorized persons of the І-platform user are obliged to:

  • keep private key secret so that no one else can access the key;
  • use private key and electronic registration solely for the benefit of the user and in accordance with the rules for using the І-platform;
  • inform the SSO about the access of third parties to the personal private key information and its disclosure (in connection with which the SSO, at the request of the І-platform user, blocks the personal key until its further change).


2.2. All direct and / or indirect damages related to access to and disclosure of personal key information by a third party, caused from the moment of access of the third party to the personal key information until the gas storage operator was informed, rely solely on the i-platform user through whom access to the information of third parties was accessed.


2.3. The responsibility for the timeliness, completeness and authenticity of information provided / inputted by authorized persons of the platform user is the responsibility of the І-platform user.


The registration process of the SSO I-platform:

e-mail: front-office@utg.ua, tel.: +38 (044) 461-28-17.



For technical support of SSO I-platform

e-mail: iplatforma-psg@utg.ua, tel.: +38 (044) 298-81-51