Capacity booking

Information on the website will be updated until 01/06

INSTRUCTION (valid till 31.05) 

  • Annual capacity 

The application for allocation of annual capacity shall be submitted from 01 February to 15 February for the following storage year (following 4 storage years) upon the published volume of the free gas storage capacity which will be subject to the capacity allocation procedure (+link).

The SSO indicates allocated volume until 1 March of the current year and sends to the Customer a signed application for capacity allocation together with injection and withdrawal curves.

Use the following link to create injection/withdrawal curves Online calculation of ugs injection/withdrawal curves 

  •  Individual monthly services

The application for allocation of individual monthly services (working volume, injection capacity, and withdrawal capacity) shall be submitted no later than the 10th day of the current month for the following month.

!!! The application for allocation of individual working volume is submitted monthly for a period from 1 month and up to the end of the respective storage year.


e-mail: stock-sso@utg.uaтел.: +38 (044) 461-23-72, +38 (044) 298-81-08, +38 (044) 299 73 40


Payment procedures

To make successful payments, you shall use the following invoices (tariff calculators), as well as the Instructions for booking storage services

Until 31.05.2024


Since 01.06.2024!

  • bundled capacity 410-412
  • annual capacity (working volume) 400
  • working volume for basic season401
  • monthly working volume 402
  • day-ahead working volume403
  • capacity injection for basic season 404
  • monthly injection capacity 405
  • day-ahead injection capacity 406
  • capacity withdrawal for basic season 407
  • monthly withdrawal capacity 408
  • day-ahead withdrawal capacity 409

*** For timely crediting of funds to the current account of the Storage System Operator (SSO) under the natural gas storage (injection, withdrawal) agreement, please pay attention to the terms of payment:

a) bundled and/or annual capacity, capacities for basic seasons, monthly capacity (including capacity allocated over more than one gas month until the end of the storage year) shall be paid five banking days before the beginning of the gas month in which such service will be provided;

b) day-ahead working volume shall be paid three hours before the start of the gas service day;

c) day-ahead injection/withdrawal capacity shall be paid no later than three hours before the deadline for submission of nomination/renomination/trade notification.

Procedure and documents for the refund to a non-resident (subscription refund)


e-mail:, тел.: +38 (044) 461-23-62; +38 (044) 461-23-96;

+38 (044) 461-20-37