Cooperation with EBRD


The European Bank for Reconstruction and Development is an international financial institution with the highest credit rating ААА. The bank was founded in 1991. Presently, the bank is owned by 64 countries, the EU and the EIB. 

  • The goals and functions of the bank are as follows:
    Support for economic growth and transformation in the countries of Central and Eastern Europe aimed to foster their transition to open market economy and private entrepreneurship;
  • Support for recipient countries in their structural economic reforms;
  • Support for investments in production, services and financial sector and the relevant infrastructure; fostering economically reasonable priority projects; technical aid for the preparation, financing and implementation of projects and other.


The EBRD does not finance public expenditure; it only invests in development projects in the private and public sector.


The bank invests in various branches of economy with the exception of military industry, tobacco industry and gambling.


The current strategy of the EBRD comprises two fields: a) granting international loans with preferential conditions and state guarantees; b) granting commercial loans to private business.


Cooperation with EBRD

According to the Resolution of the Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine dated October 22, 2014, №1143-p the Loan Agreement (project “Reconstruction, capital repairs and technical re-equipping of the main gas pipeline Urengoy-Pomary-Uzhgorod”) was signed between Ukraine and the EBRD in the amount, as well as the Project Agreement between UKRTRANSGAZ PJSC and the EBRD.


The loan amount, terms of borrowing:

The Loan amount: up to EUR 150.00 million

Borrowing: EUR for the interest rate - EURIBOR + 1% per annum, the commitment fee - 0,25% per annum from the unused part of the loan, the front-end commission of 1% of the loan amount. The total loan repayment period is 15 years, including the grace period of 3 years.