The procedure for annual capacity booking by the SSO’s clients

The Storage System Operator of Ukraine informs that free gas storage capacitis which will be the subject to the annual capacity allocation procedure for the following 4 storage years, starting from April 1, 2021, shall be 7 bcm. The application for allocation of annual capacity is submitted by a customer in electronic form via the personal customer’s cabinet on I-platform from February 01 till February 15, 2021. Applications for each storage year are submitted separately.

In case of booking annual capacity, the customer gets the following benefits:

  1. Working volume is provided on the firm basis during the whole period of annual capacity provision;
  2. Injection is provided on the firm basis during basic injection season (according to injection curves);
  3. Withdrawal is provided on the firm basis during basic withdrawal season (according to withdrawal curves);
  4. Advantageous tariffs when booking annual capacity: tariffs for annual services are 20% less than individual day-ahead services and 10% less than individual monthly services.
  5. Payments for annual services are carried out on the monthly basis during the respective year of annual services provision.

Should you have any issues on annual capacity booking, please, contact us:

Capacity booking:, тел.:+38 (044) 298-81-08, +38 (044) 461-23-62, (вн. 23-62), +38 (044) 298-81-08, (вн. 26-52)

Commercial dispatching:, тел.: +38 (032) 234-93-31, +38 (032) 259-09-53,  +38 066-133-77-73 (цілодобово).


Merry Christmas & Happy New Year!

The Storage System Operator of Ukraine


Dear client,

We draw your attention that starting from December 1, 2020 the Storage System Operator of Ukraine launches the procedure of submitting nominations/renominations in the customs regime "customs warehouse" and in the customs regime "customs warehouse" (short-haul) indicating the PCD's (Periodic Customs Declaration) number (Template). The updated template can be downloaded from the I-platform while creating nominations/renominations drafts. In order to download the template it is necessary to indicate the date 01.12.2020.


JSC "Ukrtransgas"


Dear customers,

In order to improve the quality of the services provided, JSC "Ukrtransgaz" is enhancing measures to verify customers of gas storage services and implementing the international standard KYC (Know your customer - Know your client).

The KYC verification includes a set of measures, including the identification of the participants and the ultimate beneficial owner (s) of the counterparty, as well as the verification of the application of sanctions to the counterparty, its participants and the ultimate beneficial owners.

Since then customers who intend to enter into an agreement on natural gas storage (injection, withdrawal) with JSC "Ukrtransgaz", have to fill out a special questionnaire for counterparty KYC. It is necessary to indicate the affiliation to the industrial and financial group, participants and

ultimate beneficial owners of the counterparty and information on the ownership structure of the counterparty.

We kindly ask you to learn about, fill in and send documents (KYC questionnaire for counterparty), which are attached to this letter, to JSC "Ukrtransgaz.

The implementation of new European standards in the company's work helps to increase credibility of the Gas Storage Operator’s activity by both existing and potential customers of the company, as well as improve business relationships with them.

Sincerely yours,

Front-office team



For the attention of the UGS customers!!!

Due to the record gas injection level of the Ukrainian UGS, JSC Ukrtransgas has performed the function of monitoring of free injection/withdrawal capacity via the website and SSO`s Information Platform.


In order to inform customers about free capacity of the underground storage facilities which is available for allocation, please, be informed, that since August 2020 the information on free injection / withdrawal capacity for the current day and the day ahead has been posting both on the website of Ukrtransgaz JSC and in the customer’ s cabinet of the SSO`s Information platform.


The data are communicated to the customers by publishing on its website by 10 a.m. of the previous gas day. The SSO publishes updated information taking into  consideration daily nominations and unnominated capacity as of 6 p.m. of the previous gas day in accordance with the Chapter 1 of Section VII of the Gas Storage Facilities Code. In the customer’s cabinet the information is updated each time after the nomination/renomination procedure completion, taking into account the need to perform the submitted nominations / renominations of customers who use storage services (injection, withdrawal) on a guaranteed basis.


Important information! In accordance with the Chapter 3 of Section IX of the Gas Storage Facilities Code, injection/withdrawal during the day shall be made gradually with hourly schedule. Therefore, while submitting nominations / renominations, please take into account the fact that individual services are provided depending on the technical capabilities of the UGS facilities and considering already allocated capacity.


According to Chapter 1 of Section IX of the Gas Storage Facilities Code, nomination/renomination of the Customers, to whom interrupted storage (injection, withdrawal) service is provided, may be confirmed with the reduction of natural gas volume, requested by the Customer in nomination/renomination. Reduction/rejection shall be done in the following merit order:

  • Individual day-ahead service of injection/withdrawal
  • Individual service of injection/withdrawal for month.


If the services have the same provision duration, the reduction shall be made in the order of nominations/renominations receipt.


PROTOCOL on rejection of nominations/renominations due to the lack of free injection/withdrawal capacity, approved by the order of JSC «Ukrtransgaz», dated August 4, 2020 No.456 (Protocol)


Recently, there is observed significant increase in demand for the use of gas storage facilities capacities of JSC "Ukrtransgaz. Therefore, it is asked to respectively perform in the booking of monthly individual services of injection / withdrawal.


Notice, that according to the Gas Storage Facilities Code, individual services for the term of 1 month are provided on the conditions of 100% prepayment.

The obligation to pay for storage (injection, withdrawal) services arises when the customer receives the results of the capacity allocation procedure (agreed application for the capacity allocation), taking into account the terms of prepayment specified by the Gas Storage Code and the Agreement on Natural Gas Storage (Injection, Withdrawal). (paragraph 6 of Chapter 4 of Section VII of the Code).


If the prepayment was not provided by the Customer of storage (injection, withdrawal) services in the term tipulated by the paragraph 2 of Chapter 4 of Section VI, then the SSO suspend the access to the allocated capacity, to which the requirements on prepayment was not fulfilled. For the period of suspension, such Customer is not released from its obligation to pay for allocated capacity.


Important notice! We are glad to inform you that dated from the 20th May 2020 in the I-Platform of the SSO is implemented an opportunity for the Customers of storage services to submit:


-separate nominations/ renominations in the customs warehouse regime with the sign “short-haul”

- trade notifications with the sign “short-haul”

* "Short-haul" - on the terms of use of capacity with restrictions.