Recently, there is observed significant increase in demand for the use of gas storage facilities capacities of JSC "Ukrtransgaz. Therefore, it is asked to respectively perform in the booking of monthly individual services of injection / withdrawal.


Notice, that according to the Gas Storage Facilities Code, individual services for the term of 1 month are provided on the conditions of 100% prepayment.

The obligation to pay for storage (injection, withdrawal) services arises when the customer receives the results of the capacity allocation procedure (agreed application for the capacity allocation), taking into account the terms of prepayment specified by the Gas Storage Code and the Agreement on Natural Gas Storage (Injection, Withdrawal). (paragraph 6 of Chapter 4 of Section VII of the Code).


If the prepayment was not provided by the Customer of storage (injection, withdrawal) services in the term tipulated by the paragraph 2 of Chapter 4 of Section VI, then the SSO suspend the access to the allocated capacity, to which the requirements on prepayment was not fulfilled. For the period of suspension, such Customer is not released from its obligation to pay for allocated capacity.


Important notice! We are glad to inform you that dated from the 20th May 2020 in the I-Platform of the SSO is implemented an opportunity for the Customers of storage services to submit:


-separate nominations/ renominations in the customs warehouse regime with the sign “short-haul”

- trade notifications with the sign “short-haul”

* "Short-haul" - on the terms of use of capacity with restrictions.