Energy Shield of Europe (full version, 5-th channel, 2018, November 28)


All we know, Ukrainian GTS is an important component of Ukrainian economy. But not everybody know how was it creating and who are that people who provide gas transmission to European countries and transport gas to consumers in Ukraine.


Together with 5-th channel during few months we made huge work for you can find out the important moments in history, the most tensional moments and gas crises – in the 40 minutes movie.


Or why Europe has always been with gas in spite of the regular stops of the North Stream or emergency situations like an accident on the gas pipeline in Austria. And the most importantly, what will Ukraine's GTS expect after 2019? We asked Ukrainian experts and European leaders about it.


In the foreword to the film, the chairman of the board of Naftogaz of Ukraine Andriy Kobolev told about the strategy of development of the Ukrainian GTS –