Tariffs for gas storage in Ukraine’s UGS will not change until the end of the withdrawal season - Roman Maliutin

Roman Maliutin communicated about preparations for the next heating season, filling UGS with natural gas and unchanged tariffs for gas storage customers on 1+1.
“Ukraine’s storages are the largest in terms of storage capacities and can hold more than 30 bcm of natural gas. This season, we offer our non-resident customers more than 10 bcm for gas storage and gas storage tariffs will not be changed until the end of 2024. We are constantly communicating with our service customers and informing them about safety of gas storage in our UGS,” said Roman Maliutin, Acting General Director of Ukrtransgaz.
It should be noted that preparations for the next heating season are going on as planned and given that European gas storages are more than 80% full, non-resident customers are actively injecting their gas into our UGS. Ukraine’s storages have sufficient capacities to both inject and withdraw significant volumes of gas.
As a reminder, international customers have started to actively inject gas into Ukraine’s UGS.