Ukrainian UGSs received almost 1 bcm of gas since the start of the injection season

Within two months of the injection season, the Storage System Operator injected almost 1 bcm of gas into the storage facilities. In June, injection rates increased slightly compared to the previous month and reached 0.57 bcm. As of July 1, the filling level of Ukrainian UGSs exceeded 16 bcm of gas.

Natural gas reserve in UGS

As of the beginning of July, the natural gas reserve in Ukrainian underground storage facilities was 16 bcm* - 18,4% less than last year.

Gas injection to the UGS

In June 2021, Ukraine's underground gas storage facilities received 0.57 bcm of natural gas. This is three times less than in May 2020.

In total, 0.93 bcm have been injected into the UGSs since the beginning of this year's injection season.

As of July 1, 2021, foreign traders stored 4.1 bcm of gas in the Customs Warehouse regime. This is 14,7% more than at the same time last year. This includes 3.1 bcm accumulated in the short-haul regime.

Resident companies store 0.6 bcm of gas in the Customs Warehouse regime, which is 2 times less than the same period in 2020. This includes 0.53 bcm accumulated in the short-haul regime.

«Today we can already see a clear positive forecast and a significant increase in gas imports to the customs territory of Ukraine during July. At the same time, the Storage System Operator continues negotiations with customers. According to preliminary estimates, we'll approach the heating season with gas reserves in UGSs at the level of 19-20 bcm. This will be enough to comfortably pass the heating season in Ukraine, and at the same time continue cooperation with our foreign customer», ‒ noted Sergiy Pereloma, acting general director of Ukrtransgaz JSC.


* not including the reserves of Vergunske UGS, located on temporarily occupied territory;

** «Customs warehouse» is a custom regime, which allows the client to save natural gas in storage facilities of Ukraine up to 1095 days without paying taxes and customs duties;

*** «Short haul» is a service that gives the opportunity to receive a discount on transportation between certain points of entry or exit on inter-state connections (power with restrictions), including for further storage of natural gas in Ukrainian UGS.