SSO of Ukraine opens public access to UGS physical and commercial performance

The Storage System Operator of Ukraine – Ukrtransgaz has opened public access to operative and archival data on the operation of UGS of Ukraine on the company's website. Analytical panels contain a number of physical and commercial performance indicators of the Ukrainian system for underground gas storage. Most of them previously were not available to public. Thus, the Storage System Operator significantly increases the level of transparency of its work following the best world standards.

Analytical panels were developed by specialists of the Storage System Operator on the base of Microsoft Power BI business analytics cloud service. They contain all key information needed by stakeholders – customers of gas storage services, media and energy experts. The system is currently in a test mode and will be further improved. An English-language version of the dashboards will be released soon.

For the first time, public access to detailed information on the commercial performance of the Operator has been opened. These include data on unused and vacant commercial capacity, gas reserves in the "customs warehouse" mode, changes in the portfolio of service customers, etc. Yet, the data of individual customers that contain commercial secrets remain inaccessible.

In addition, the analytical panels form a full-fledged online archive of performance indicators over the years.

“For a long time, information about the work of Ukrainian underground storage facilities was restricted to public access. We are transforming though, aiming to become the most transparent and open company following the best world practices. Implemented analytical panels enable us to turn the work of our company into a clear and open mechanism both for the gas market and a wide audience interested in the energy sector of Ukraine”, - stated Sergiy Pereloma, acting General Director of Ukrtransgaz JSC.