For the attention of the UGS customers!

As we have already reported, on April 30, the season of gas withdrawal from Ukrainian UGSs ended, and, accordingly, the injection season started. But clients can still withdraw their gas from UGSs.​ Therefore, we would like to remind you how the clients' nominations and renominations are currently being carried out, in particular, for the withdrawal of gas from UGSs.

It is known that during the basic injection season, gas is usually withdrawn from the UGS through the process of substitution. As a result, the withdrawal capacity is equal to the ordered injection capacity.

Usually, from the beginning of May, the volume of the ordered injection capacities  prevails over the volume of the ordered capacities of withdrawal, therefore, the Storage System Operator can fully satisfy the clients' demand. However, as the Operator's clients order injection capacity mainly through the submission of renominations in the second half of the gas day, for a certain period of this day free withdrawal capacities may not be available. Therefore, the Storage System Operator can reject or confirm with reduction nominations/renominations for the gas withdrawal (more about the Protocol on nominations/renominations rejection can be found here

It is worth recalling the free capacity allocation takes place according to Section VII of the Gas Code. At the same time only withdrawal capacity during the basic withdrawal season and injection capacity during the basic injection season are provided on the firm basis. Іndividual monthly services and individual day-ahead services are provided on the interruptable basis, so with no guarantee of the exercise of the right to use it, but with the possibility of limitation (interruption). 

Follow the Information on free capacities on the official website of Ukrtransgaz at the link and in the Customer’s cabinet of I-platform, which is updated each hour in the real-time mode.