SSO of Ukraine set the available volumes for annual capacity booking

The procedure for annual capacity booking by the SSO’s clients

The Storage System Operator of Ukraine informs that free gas storage capacitis which will be the subject to the annual capacity allocation procedure for the following 4 storage years, starting from April 1, 2021, shall be 7 bcm. The application for allocation of annual capacity is submitted by a customer in electronic form via the personal customer’s cabinet on I-platform from February 01 till February 15, 2021. Applications for each storage year are submitted separately.

In case of booking annual capacity, the customer gets the following benefits:

  1. Working volume is provided on the firm basis during the whole period of annual capacity provision;
  2. Injection is provided on the firm basis during basic injection season (according to injection curves);
  3. Withdrawal is provided on the firm basis during basic withdrawal season (according to withdrawal curves);
  4. Advantageous tariffs when booking annual capacity: tariffs for annual services are 20% less than individual day-ahead services and 10% less than individual monthly services.
  5. Payments for annual services are carried out on the monthly basis during the respective year of annual services provision.

Should you have any issues on annual capacity booking, please, contact us:

Capacity booking:, тел.:+38 (044) 298-81-08, +38 (044) 461-23-62, (вн. 23-62), +38 (044) 298-81-08, (вн. 26-52)

Commercial dispatching:, тел.: +38 (032) 234-93-31, +38 (032) 259-09-53,  +38 066-133-77-73 (цілодобово).