Foreign companies save 2.0 bcm of gas in Ukrainian UGS. This is four times more than at the beginning of June last year

Key performance indicators of Ukrainian UGS facilities on the results of five months are higher than in the last year. In May the demand for UGS services by European gas market players increased significantly. In particular, as on June, 1, 2020 non-residents stored 2.0 bcm of gas in custom warehouse regime. This is four times more than at the same period last year.

Natural gas reserve in UGS facilities

At the beginning of June natural gas reserve of Ukrainian UGS facilities is 18.0 bcm. This is 57% above last year figures.

Gas injection

Since the beginning of current period 4,1 bcm of gas were injected to UGS (+5% over the same period last year). Among them 2,2 bcm were injected in custom warehouse regime, including 0,9 bcm by residents and 1,3 bcm by non-residents. 

“Custom warehouse” and transportation to UGS on “short haul” tariffs

As on June, 1, 2020 residents stored in custom warehouse regime 1,3 bcm of gas (+21% over the same period last year).

Gas storage volumes by foreign traders continue to increase. At the beginning of June this year non-residents stored 2.0 bcm in custom warehouse regime (+296% over the same period last year).

Volumes of natural gas transferred by market players to UGS using special “short haul” tariffs for transportation continue to grow. Since the beginning of the year residents transported 0,1 bcm of gas in custom warehouse regime using “short haul” tariffs, non-residents transported 0,7 bcm of gas. In addition, only in May this year non-residents transported to UGS using “short haul” tariffs 0,5 bcm, that is 2.5 times more than in April 2020.    

“In May this year the services of Ukrainian UGS were in high demand by foreign traders. We are sure, that this trend will continue in coming months. Filling level of European gas storage facilities quickly approaches the maximum. For example, in Austria today it is almost 85%, Germany – 84%, Italy – 68%. In Ukraine this figure is 58%. Today we have about 13 bcm of available capacity, competitive conditions and unique opportunities for efficient use of Ukrainian UGS facilities. Therefore, we are ready to continue involving of European traders in cooperation”, – said Sergiy Oleksienko, SEO of Ukrtransgaz JSC.