Ukrtransgaz сompleted construction works at Komarno complex to increase reverse mode from Poland

October 16, 2019, Kyiv - At Komarno compressor station of Ukrtransgaz (Lviv region), a complex of construction and installation works on connection of a new technological section of the jumper pipeline has been completed. The test run in reverse mode, which will be the final stage of construction works at the facility, is planned by the end of October.


The updated configuration of the linear part of the gas pipeline will allow the transportation of natural gas in both averse and reverse modes between Ukraine and Poland. The refurbishment will increase transportation capacity and maneuverability and help ensure the safe and uninterrupted gas flow in the 2019/2020 heating season.


The Komarno Complex is involved in gas transportation across the Ukraine-Poland border. The modernization of the technological pipeline linkage of the compressor station will significantly improve the maneuverability and reliability of the GTS operation in the face of termination of the gas transit from the Russian Federation from January 1, 2020. The projected capacity of the upgraded site will be 15 million cubic meters per day in averse mode and 18 million cubic meters per day in reverse mode from Poland.