Ukraine is ready to help Moldova import gas from the EU without the participation of Gazprom

June, 14, 2019 – Kyiv – Ukrtransgaz has sent an offer to the Moldovan government in connection with the delayed construction of the Romania-Moldova interconnector, which puts Moldova dependent on new contract negotiations with Gazprom. Using the capabilities of the Ukrainian gas transmission system, Moldova could mitigate the potential risk of possible disruption of natural gas transit from the Russian Federation and guarantee the security of gas supply to Moldovan consumers.


Today, the Ukrainian gas transmission system provides flexible and reliable transportation of the vast natural gas volumes to Europe at competitive prices. Currently, any of the other gas transportation systems offer such flexibility and capacity.


For more than three years, Ukraine does not consume gas from the Gazprom. All the necessary amount of gas Ukraine imports from the EU countries due to the high capacity of the Ukraine gas transmission system. Moldovan suppliers, with the help of the Ukrainian GTS, can also use the same approach that will allow Moldova independently import gas from the EU.


Besides, Ukrtransgaz is ready to offer Moldova its underground gas storages to accumulate insurance gas volumes to ensure uninterrupted gas supply in winter 2019/2020. The capacity of the Moldova-Ukraine interconnectors allows transport of up to 15 million cubic meters of gas per day, which fully covers the needs of consumers in Moldova.


The formal offer was sent to the Moldovan side in the spring this year. The cooperation in such a regime can immediately start after signing agreements between the gas transmission operators on cooperation at all connection points between the GTS of Ukraine and Moldova under European rules. Moldovan traders should sign contracts for gas transportation and storage. These agreements do not create financial obligations for the Moldovan side. At the same, such a step will give the possibility to transit gas over the Ukrainian GTS to imp/ort gas to Moldova or to pump gas into Ukrainian gas storage facilities, if necessary.


Additionally, the Ukrainian side proposed to the EU to store an additional gas volume in Ukrainian underground gas storages in the amount of 3-4 billion cubic meters to guarantee the security of gas supply to Eastern European countries, that mainly receive gas from the Russian Federation.