Ukraine has implemented the daily balancing on the natural gas market

01 March 2019, Kyiv – Today the Information platform of the gas transmission system Operator of Ukraine started to work in a regular mode and Ukrainian gas market has completely switched to a daily balancing regime.


This step finalizes one of the key reform in the energetic sector of Ukraine – from now on Ukraine is completely synchronized with the model applied to the gas balancing zones within the borders of EU. Thus, all the obligations that was taken by the Government of Ukraine in terms of the Association with the European Union are completely fulfilled.


The Information platform was developed by the Ukrtransgaz’ specialists in short terms based on  SAP software. The platform is working stably and process all requests as of the morning March 1. 


The first results of the market participants after the implementation of the daily balancing model are:

  • till the 3 p.m., February 28th, as provided by the Gas Network Code, 257 gas suppliers have submitted to the Information platform the portfolio of nominations, of which: 29 for commercial network users, 38 out of 40 (supplier of the “last hope" - PSO) for the population.


Besides that, a list of about 310,000 consumers in the absence of a supplier was formed. Of these, about 270,000 consumers are on the networks of Lugansk.

  • By the 5 p.m., February 28, PSO-nominations were not submitted by 2 companies - Gazpostachservis and DP Montazhnik. These local companies serve a small number of customers.
  • Until 5 p.m., February 28, according to the terms set by the Network Code Operator has processed 100% of submitted nominations.
  • From 18 p.m., February 28 to 08:00, March 1, gas suppliers submitted 18 renominations

Despite the increased activity in the last hours of submittal nominations, the system has coped and continues to work in a regular mode.


All the information about the Information Platform can be found on the Ukrtransgaz site. In addition, visitors can track the number of submitted and confirmed nominations, the number of gas consumers in the Register. With the help of an online service, every consumer can check the availability of the supplier and his / her presence in the registry for disconnection based on the EIC code.


While the transition to the new market model Ukrtransgaz made over 20 workshops for more than 1500 network users. Currently, in the transitional period we are continuing to provide consulting service to all market participants. 


Moreover, Ukrtransgaz launched Technical Support Center, all customer can reach Ukrtransgaz specialists on the phone 38 044 461-20-78.


Additionally, during the transitional time, the work of the Daily Balance Advisory Group was also launched, where specialists will be able to answer questions related to nominations at internal and international points, regarding financial support and termination of gas transportation.