1.4 billion cubic meters of natural gas stored in Ukrainian UGS in "customs warehouse" regime

August 02, 2019, Kyiv - In August, the volume of the natural gas stored by the non-resident companies in "customs warehouse" regime at the Ukrainian underground gas storages increased by 71% compared to mid-June and reached nearly 1.4 billion cubic meters. The number of contracts with international companies also increased from 24 to 31.


The dynamic growth in the number of customers and the volume of gas is undoubtedly a positive indicator. The leading European companies are very accurately assessing the country's and operator's risks and the regulatory environment. Accordingly, agreements with international players are evidence that the Ukrainian gas market is becoming transparent and understandable to our European partners and meets their requirements.


Today both resident companies and non-resident companies have the opportunity to store gas on the territory of Ukraine for 1095 days without paying customs duties if would be transported out of the territory of Ukraine. Today the customs warehouse storage tariff is 0.82 EUR / MW and the lowest in Europe.