Monitoring the storage of Pledged gas

Monitoring the storage of Pledged natural gas is a service that allows the Bank (Pledgee), where the Customer (Pledger) plans to get a loan under a pledge of natural gas stored on its storage account in the underground gas storage facilities of Ukraine, to track transactions with this gas through the Information platform of the Storage System Operator of Ukraine.


This is an additional tool to increase the Customer's credit rating, which improves its chances of getting a loan!!! 


The service is available for both resident and non-resident companies which store natural gas in the «customs warehouse» regime (hereinafter – the «CW»).  Monitoring the storage of pledged gas in the customs warehouse is carried out along with monitoring the deadlines for storage of such gas in the CW. 


The monitoring service is provided on the basis of a tripartite Agreement for Monitoring the Storage of Pledged Natural Gas (hereinafter – the “Agreement”).


Documents required for concluding the Agreement:


  • Agreement on natural gas storage (injection, withdrawal)

Agreement between the Customer and the Storage System Operator, under which the Customer stores natural gas in the underground storage facility;

  •  Loan Agreement

Agreement between the Bank (Pledgee) and the Customer (Pledger) certifying the fact of the loan transaction

  •  Gas in storage Pledge Agreement

Agreement between the Bank (Pledgee) and the Customer (Pledger), which secures the obligations of the Pledger to the Pledgee arising under the Loan Agreement

  •  Extract from the State Register of Encumbrances on Movable Property


To conclude the Agreement, the Bank or the Customer shall provide the Operator:

  1. Application for concluding the Agreement UA.
  2. Copy of the Agreement on natural gas storage (injection, withdrawal)
  3. Copy of the Loan Agreement
  4. Copy of the Gas in storage Pledge Agreement
  5. Extract from the State Register of Encumbrances on Movable Property
  6. Documents confirming the authority of persons to represent and perform transactions on behalf of the Customer and the Bank. List of documents for concluding Agreements UA

*** clauses 6-7 Documents are provided separately on behalf of the Customer and the Bank!!!





  • On terms of 100% monthly payment
  • Price: 0.05% of the pledge value (Pledge Agreement)
  • Gas remains on the Customer's gas storage account (its property)
  • Choice of the payer under the Agreement – Bank or Customer
  • Bank may pay the bill for the Customer


Actions displayed on the I-Platform of the Storage System Operator:

  • Blocking the volume of the Customer's natural gas
  • Bank gets access to the I-Platform with the ability to monitor pledged gas volumes

!!! In addition, the Bank has an opportunity to receive a written response to the request regarding the current state of the volume of gas that is a subject of the Agreement.


Work with customers (conclusion of contracts, commercial issues, support of service customers):

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