How to become a Customer?

Instructions for a potential customer of natural gas storage services regarding cooperation with the Storage System Operator (SSO) of Ukraine: How to become a customer?  

To use the services of gas injection into, storage, and withdrawal from the underground gas storages (UGSs), you have to perform the following:

1. Enter into a natural gas storage (injection, withdrawal) agreement.

2. Become a user of the SSO’s I-Platform

3. Book capacity allocation services on the SSO’s I-Platform according to the approved form 

4. Upload simultaneously both nomination and renomination forms for the same natural gas volume following the requirements of the Gas Storage Code; GTS Code:

           ЕІС code for withdrawal from the UGSs 56ZE-SSO-0000002

           ЕІС code for injection into the UGSs 56ZG-SSO-000000D

5. Transfer of the natural gas stored in the UGSs is provided based on trade notifications, uploaded via the SSO’s I-Platform. A storage type (Gas storage or Customs warehouse) is chosen by the user on the SSO’s I-Platform.

6. Transfer of the annual and bundled natural gas storage (injection, withdrawal) capacity from one customer to another takes place based on the application for capacity transfer, uploaded to the SSO’s I-Platform.

7. Sign the Protocol of natural gas movement for the month of the Protocol of natural gas movement for the month, accounted on the storage account, and the Withdrawal/Injection Protocols of natural gas in CWR for drawing up of a customs declaration.

8. Information on the volumes of gas in the UGSs is provided on the condition that there is no debt (for previously provided storage services, submitting of reports and/or documents that shall be provided to JSC Ukrtransgaz under the requirements of current legislation). An application for receiving such information can be submitted via the I-Platform.