How to become a Customer?

Please follow the link in order to get acquainted with brief presentation on first steps to launch business with SSO (How to become a Customer presentation.pdf)

Let’s get through each step needed to use the storage (injection, withdrawal) services provided by the SSO.  You have to perform the following:

  1. Conduct an Agreement on natural gas storage (injection, withdrawal). Please follow the link: file  

  2. Become a user of I-Platform ( Please follow the link: 

  3. Order following services filling file Annex 1.2, send us via e-mail ( both with a hard copy (mailing address in contacts):
  • Annual capacity working volume;
  • Monthly capacity working volume;
  • Monthly injection/withdrawal capacity prior 10th day of every month;
  • Day ahead injection/withdrawal capacity, to order perform please step 5 (solely nomination/renomination needed).

    4. Pay for ordered services* using following self-filling invoices (tariff calculators):

            Invoices (tariff calculators), please find appropriate link for:

* please pay attention to terms: a) annual services shall be paid proportionally 5 working days prior next month of service b) monthly services shall be paid 5 working prior to the month of rendering services c) day ahead services shall be paid 1 day prior nomination/renomination in order the funds to be evented on SSO`s bank account according to Chapter IX of the Gas Storage Facilities Code.


       5. Upload simultaneously both unique nomination/ renomination forms

( and, New template dated from 01.12.2020) for the same natural gas volume:

first to the SSO`s i-platform according to Paracraphs according to 1, 2 Section 4 Chapter IX of the Gas storage facility Code;

second to the TSO`s I-platform according to Paragraps 1, 4, Section 6 Chapter XI.

Please, remember to identify in forms following EIC-codes:

56ZE-SSO-0000002 for withdrawal from gas storage facilities

56ZG-SSO-000000D for injection into gas storage facilities


       6. transmit stored natural gas to your Customers by uploading trade notifications through the SSO`s I-platform. The Customer shall choose the storaging type (gas storaging or customs warehouse option) proceeding the upload of trade notifications. Both Parties of transmitting procedure shall have pre-paid working volume service in SSO.


       7.  Document the final allocation of natural gas by signing Act of services rendered (i.e. withdrawal / injection/ customs warehouse delivery and acceptance certificate of natural gas) and Circulation act – UA-EN.docx 


       8.  Inquire for any information regarding the working gas volume* in gas storage facilities, prepaid capacities, etc.

* information is provided solely to the Customers, which do not have any debts for services rendered, as well as liabilities on submitting documents/ acts/ reports, that should be transmitted to SSO JSC Ukrtransgaz according to current legislation (i.e. Protocol of natural gas delivery-acceptance during injection into gas storage (bonded warehouse) in accordance with natural gas Storage Contract (injection, withdrawal) (Act_UA-EN.docx); Protocol of natural gas delivery-acceptance during withdrawal from gas storage (customs warehouse) in accordance with natural gas Storage Contract (injection, withdrawal)  (Act_UA-EN.docx); Delivery and acceptance certificate of natural gas that is placed in the customs regime of the customs warehouse  (Act_UA-EN.docx)