8. How did the TSO management system and organizational structure changed

The creation of the Gas TSO of Ukraine LLC  was accompanied by a reboot of the existing organizational structure in Ukrtransgaz JSC. The goals of the changes made are primarily aimed to improve the system's orientation and speed up decision-making, as well as increasing the powers of regional units. The experience of international experts has helped to reorganize the business processes of the company under international practices.


One of the basic foundations of TSO's management system is the transition from a three- to a two-tier management system. By June 1, 2019, there were three levels of GTS management: "central office - branches - line production departments ." While the preparation for the separation of the Gas TSO of Ukraine,  the central office and branches were merged. Thus, the transition to two-tier management was made: "central office - linear technical units." Previously, in December 2018, a number of regional linear technical units were consolidated, reducing their number from 32 to 20.


Besides, significant changes have taken place inside the unit. In particular, compared to Ukrtransgaz's organizational structure, the number of levels of subordination was significantly reduced - from seven to three. The new organizational structure has been refined since June 1 of the current year within the branch of Gas TSO of Ukraine, and since July 1, it is applied based on newly created Gas TSO of Ukraine LLC. Also, several months before the full-fledged operation of Gas TSO LLC began, the company's business processes were developed, and appropriate policies and regulations were created. The timely adjustment of business processes and the gradual change in the organizational structure made it possible to maintain the continuity of the gas transportation process and to reduce the risk of emergencies in the GTS.


The application of international approaches to the company's management system makes the activity of Gas TSO of Ukraine  LLC more transparent. It simplifies in the future the process of integration of this company with the EU gas market.