The Ukraine Natural Gas Market Reforms taken as a commitment in the Association with the EU include the gas transmission system operator unbundling into an independent structure. The new GTS Operator will be separated not only from the current single shareholder – Naftogaz Group but also from any impact of the gas or electricity producers and suppliers, in particular, through the state authorities.

To apply the Association with the EU, the Government has developed the Restructuring Plan of the Naftogaz of Ukraine with a final goal to unbundle natural gas transmission and storage activities (Resolution of the Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine from July 1, 2016, No. 496). Later, as part of the implementation of Unbundling Plan, the Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine decided to found the Main Gas Pipelines of Ukraine PJSC by the Resolution of the Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine of November 9, 2016 No. 800.

The Supervised Board of the Main gas pipelines of Ukraine (MGPU) started its work on July 24, 2018. Soon after Supervisory Board of Naftogaz of Ukraine has reached an agreement with the Supervisory Board of MGPU on a roadmap of cooperation towards the unbundling of Ukraine's gas transmission function. Under the agreed Memorandum of Understanding, the unbundling process is to be finalized at the beginning of 2020, after the existing transit contract with Gazprom expires

To accelerate the unbundling process, Naftogaz of Ukraine engaged the international consulting company PricewaterhouseCoopers (PWC) to implement the Project transparently and efficiently according to the Government's directive.


Status   Roadmap



1. Why Ukraine have to unbundle the gas transmission Operator?

2. Key milestones

3. Consorcium

4. Gas TSO of Ukraine – Branch and LLC. What is the difference?

5. How the unbundling of the Gas TSO of Ukraine will be performed – last decision of the CMU

6. Service Level Agreement (SLA). How does JSC Ukrtransgaz and LLC Gas TSO of Ukraine cooperate?

7. MGU - the role of the company in the process of unbundling of the GTS operator

8. How did the TSO management system and organizational structure changed

9. Gas transportation and storage. How to divide two systems

10. Financial stability of the independent TSO