Analytical panels (test)


Analytical panels of the Storage System Operator of Ukraine


Analytical panels of the Ukrtransgaz JSC - is a publicly available way for users of the Analytical Panels to receive the information published by the SSO free of charge in a non-discriminatory manner on physical and commercial operation indicators.

Neither the SSO nor any third party involved in the creation, placement or provision of the information published in the Analytical Panels is responsible for the further use, change and / or modification by its Users and any third parties published on the Analytical Panels information, as well as for any damages - direct, accidental, subsequent, indirect or punitive damages, as well as lost profits or lost data, damage to honor, dignity or business reputation arising from the access to the Analytical Panels, as well as from any errors or omissions in the content of published information that have arisen as a result of use, inability to use or the subsequences of its use.

The SSO reserves the right to terminate the work of Analytical panels at any time without notice and therefore does not carry any obligations.

The information presented in the Analytical Panels is not advisory, has no legal content, does not confirm or refuse the stated facts and materials, does not guarantee their accuracy and / or completeness, does not contain advice and is for information only.

The Analytical Panels of the SSO may be updated, corrected, supplemented or changed with new data at any time without the need for prior and / or subsequent notification of the Users. The SSO reserves the right to make improvements to the posted information at any time and without notice to Users.