Ми транспортуємо і зберігаємо енергію незалежності

Nomination/allocation at the cross border interconnection points


Network users active at the cross-border IPs shall submit nominations in energy units.


Information platform on the basis of actual (allocation) GCV* for D-2 calculates in day D-1 the same index for day D.


The TSO when processing such nomination shall confirm the exact energy units and provide forecasted volumes in cubic meters.


When in day D+1 allocation happens and the TSO receives the information on the actual energy units, the Information platform of the TSO recalculates the allocation to cubic meters.


In the end of the month after allocation the TSO and the adjacent TSO sign delivery/take-over protocols both in energy units and in cubic meters.


Therefore, the main unit is energy, allocation equals to the confirmed nomination in energy units.



Network user is responsible for quality of natural gas at cross-border IPs.


When conducting allocation the confirmed quantities are equal to the allocated quantities and remain unchanged in accordance with the signed interconnection agreements between the TSOs, while the volumes in cubic meters are recalculated with the actual value of the GCV.


Monthly allocation protocol at cross-border interconnection points is prepared based on daily allocations.


Historical figures show that the difference between the forecasted GCV and the actual one usually differs in third-fourth decimal – that is in thousands and ten-thousands (00.0000). Therefore, calculation error does not exceed 0,5%.


The difference between the metered volumes and confirmed nominations at cross-border IPs is allocated to the operational balancing accounts** (OBA) between the TSOs.


For interconnection point Hermanowice – in the end of each month the OBA is settled to zero in by proportional redistribution of volumes between the network users in accordance with their nominations submitted during the month. That means that the difference between the sum of nominations and actually metered monthly volumes will be proportionally redistributed (based on nomination volumes) between the shipper pairs and will be shown in “Correction” value of the allocation protocol with “plus” or “minus” sign, depending in the sign of difference. All shipper pairs are to be corrected, that were active during the month, without any dependence on their activeness or other criteria.



*GCV (Gross Calorific Value) – the amount of heat that would be released as a result of complete combustion in the air of a specified amount of natural gas. It is used for determination of physical and chemical parameters of the natural gas under temperature 0°С and +20°С. It is measured in energy units (kWh).


** Operational balance account (OBA) - document in which operators of gas transmission systems of Ukraine and of a neighboring country and/or operator of the gas transmission system of Ukraine and operator of gas storages indicate balanced volumes of natural gas for the reporting period for each natural gas acceptance and delivery point.