To the attention of customers of gas storage services. How to track the free capacity of Ukrainian UGS facilities online

Since August 2020, Ukrtransgaz as the operator of UGS of Ukraine has started to publish daily up-to-date information about the free capacity of gas storage facilities on the site. A function of monitoring of individual injection/withdrawal services for the current day and  the day-ahead was added to the Information Platform of the Gas Storage Operator. Thus, Ukrtransgaz increases the transparency of gas storage management processes in accordance with international standards.


The data are published on the website by 10 a.m. of the previous gas day. The SSO publishes updated information taking into consideration daily nominations and unnominated capacity as of 6 p.m. of the previous gas day. It’s provided in accordance with the Chapter 1 of Section VII of the Gas Storage Facilities Code. In the customer’s cabinet the information is updated each time after the nomination/renomination procedure completion, taking into account the need to perform the submitted nominations / renominations of customers who use storage services (injection, withdrawal) on a guaranteed basis.

Due to this up-date, customers of gas storage services - and today it is 700 Ukrainian and 72 foreign companies - can see in the customer’s cabinet the updated information about the free capacity of injection/withdrawal services 24/7. This allows customers to plan quickly their own business processes related to gas storage, respond to market changes, balance.


Important information! In accordance with the Chapter 3 of Section IX of the Gas Storage Facilities Code, injection/withdrawal during the day shall be made gradually with hourly schedule. Therefore, while submitting nominations / renominations, please take into account the fact that individual services are provided depending on the technical capabilities of the UGS facilities and considering already allocated capacity.

According to Chapter 1 of Section IX of the Gas Storage Facilities Code, nomination/renomination of the Customers, to whom interrupted storage (injection, withdrawal) service is provided, may be confirmed with the reduction of natural gas volume, requested by the Customer in nomination/renomination.

Reduction/rejection shall be done in the following merit order:

  • Individual day-ahead service of injection/withdrawal
  • Individual service of injection/withdrawal for month.

If the services have the same provision duration, the reduction shall be made in the order of nominations/renominations receipt.

As noted earlier, this year the filling of the Ukrainian gas storages occurs at record rates: as of August 13, 2020 Ukrtransgaz pumps over 100 mcm every day, the volume of gas in underground storage has already exceeded 23 bcm. It is expected that this injection season will be the most productive during the last 30 years.