As of the beginning of August 2020, more than 22 bcm of gas are stored in Ukrainian UGS. Icluding 5.2 bcm that belong to foreigners

The growing demand of Ukrainian underground gas storage facilities by foreign traders remains a key trend in UGS operations for 7 months of 2020. At the beginning of August, the total supply of natural gas reached 22 bcm – the highest level since Ukraine became independent. At the same time, non-resident companies store 5,2 bcm of gas in Ukraine. This is almost four times more than last year. Thus, Ukrainian UGS become the guarantor of energy security for Ukraine as well as EU countries.


Gas injection
The volume of natural gas injected into Ukrainian UGS during seven months of the current year is 9,7 bcm, that is 5% more than in 2019.

The residents have pumped 5,6 bcm of gas. This is 43% less than last year. The decline in gas injection by domestic companies is compensated by a significant increase in injection by non-residents. Since the beginning of the year, non-residents have uploaded 4.1 bcm of gas, i.e. the volume of gas injected by foreign companies into UGS is 3.5 times more than last year.


Use of services «Custom warehouse» * and «short haul» **
As of August, 1, 2020, traders from EU and USA countries save 5,2 bcm of natural gas in «Customs warehouse» regime. This is four times more than at the same period last year. Of these, the volume of gas transferred at the tariff «short haul», is 2.8 bcm.  Resident companies store in «Custom warehouse» regime 1.3 bcm (53% less than in 2019). Including the volume of gas transferred on the tariff «short haul» is 0.04 bcm.


Natural gas reserve in UGS
As of August, 1, 2020 the reserve of natural gas in domestic underground gas storage facilities is 22 bcm***. That’s 40% more than the last year.

This year, at the end of the injection season, it is expected that the natural gas reserve in UGS will reach 25,5-26,5 bcm. This will be the highest level of filling of domestic gas storage facilities in the days of independent Ukraine.


* «Customs warehouse» is a custom regime, which allows the client to save natural gas in storage facilities of Ukraine up to 1095 days without paying taxes and customs duties.
** «short haul» is a service that gives the opportunity to receive a discount on transportation between certain points of entry or exit on inter-state connections (power with restrictions), including for further storage of natural gas in Ukrainian UGS. 
*** not including the reserves of Vergunske UGS, located on temporarily occupied territory of Donetsk region