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Ukrtransgaz requests NKREKP to carry out unscheduled inspection of 10 gas distribution operators in compliance with the rules of the GTS Code

August 09, 2018, Kyiv - Today Ukrtransgaz sent the official request to the National Commission for State Regulation in the Energy and Utilities (NKREKP) to take control measures in connection to the ten gas distribution network operators that provided incorrect information regarding EIC-codes * of their consumers.


Information about the EIC codes for all entities of the natural gas market is necessary for the transition period to new market regulation, including daily balancing regime of work. To launch the information platform, the GTS operator must have a complete, current and correct database of EIC codes for all consumers and points of commercial accounting, including information on the location of such objects and their technical characteristics.


However, the gas distribution operators did not fulfill the Regulator's requirements for filling and maintaining the current EIC-codes database correctly and in scheduled time, which de facto became one of the reasons for the untimely transition to the daily balancing regime.


Lvivgaz, Vinnitsagaz, Tismenitsegaz, Kryvorizhaz, Kievoblgaz, Dniprogaz, Dnipropetrovskgas did not comply with the requirements for the digital signature, and in particular, electronic signatures had not matched with the ones provided in agreements, agreements were expired or even not concluded with GTS Operator. Other gas distribution operators such as Donetskoblgaz, Mykolayivgaz, and Kharkivmizhgaz have exceeded the deadlines.


The requirement for sending the EIC codes to GTS Operator was determined in GTS Code. According to it, gas distribution network operators after giving EIC codes to the consumers connected to its networks should transfer them to Ukrtransgaz within five working days. In addition, the NKREKP Resolution "On the Settlement of the Data Exchange on the Natural Gas Market" established the obligation of the operators to update and transmit information on EICs of consumers in the form of electronic files signed by an electronic digital signature in a two-week period.


The practice of European operators shows that the implementation of allocations in the context of EIC codes of all objects of gas consumption is the most effective and transparent tool for controlling the actual use of gas for consumers and market operators.


To resolve the situation, Ukrtransgaz is forced to apply to the help of the Regulator and ensure sending of necessary information by gas distribution network operators, which will ultimately allow continuing effective reforms, transition to daily balancing and transparent functioning of the Ukrainian gas market.


*Electronic data interchange (EDI) in the European energy market requires a common identification 97 scheme to be effective. EIC Participants (traders, producers, qualified consumers, etc.) have the 98 possibilities to act in different market areas. System operators have to exchange information 99 amongst themselves as well as with other EIC Participants. In addition, there are many other 100 objects that require identification for information interchange to be successful (tie lines, resource 101 objects, etc.). In order to provide such functionality, a reliable identification scheme is a necessity. Source https://www.entsoe.eu/fileadmin/user_upload/edi/library/downloads/EIC_Reference_Manual_Release_5.pdf