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Ukrtransgaz Expresses its Gratitude to AMCU for its Desire to Go Thoroughly into the Abuses of the Monopoly Position by Gas Market Participants that Supply Gas to the Population

June 26, 2018, Kyiv – Ukrtransgaz expresses its gratitude to AMCU for its direct participation in counteracting manifestations of possible abuses in the supply of natural gas during the fulfilment of special obligations assigned by the Cabinet of Ministers Resolution "On Approval of the Regulation for Specific Responsibilities of the Natural Gas Market Participants for Ensuring General Public Interests in the Process of Formation of the Natural Gas Market "of 22.03.2017, No. 187.


Such a responsible position on the part of the Antimonopoly Committee as an independent state body in its effort to establish an objective assessment of the relationship between the state-owned Ukrtransgaz, the Operator of the GTS of Ukraine, and private gas retail companies, cannot but lead to respect and trust. We hope that an objective and impartial investigation will be another significant contribution to supporting the processes of reforming the natural gas market.


We inform that the AMCU requested Ukrtransgaz in its requirements dated 19.06 and 22.06.2018 to provide information and documents on the fulfilment of special obligations for the supply of natural gas to the population by gas retail companies and other organizations. The requirements are addressed in the framework of the investigation on the applications of natural gas suppliers operating in the market for natural gas supply, concerning violation of the legislation on the protection of economic competition.