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Gazprom’s actions has provoked an emergency in a stable gas transit to EU countries

March, 2nd. Kyiv – Ukrainian gas transmission operator PJSC “UKRTRANSGAZ” informed today the EU Commission monitoring group about the Gazprom refusal to deliver prepaid natural gas to the Ukrainian side. Such behavior created big risks to the stability of gas supply to European and domestic consumers.


Yesterday morning, Gazprom without any reasons and notifying Ukrainian side refused to fulfill the nomination of 18.393 mln m3 natural gas previously booked and fully paid by Naftogaz. This action is not only showed full ignorance of the Stockholm Arbitrage decision but also created a significant shortage of natural gas in Ukrainian transmission system during the extreme weather conditions all over Europe. 


To resolve the current situation, Ukrtransgaz redeployed the whole GTS regime to allow Naftogaz Ukraine in a short period adjust the supply of additional volumes from Europe in reverse mode and cover imbalances in a transmission system.


Ukrtransgaz draws attention to the fact there is high risks of reliable and secure transmission of natural gas to European and Ukrainian consumers due to the sharp drop in pressure from Gazprom's side in the main gas pipelines at entry points to the Ukrainian gas transmission system.