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Tender proposition for fuel gas procurement

PJSC UKRTRANSGAZ has launched a new tender for procurement of 2.18 bcm of fuel gas and gas for balancing purposes to be delivered in April – December 2017 to the VTP Ukraine. The total amount is split in 10 lots of 218 mcm, which will be tendered separately.


In case you are interested in this proposition all information regarding the following tender (tender notice, details of tender and contact persons) you can find on web-site : https://prozorro.gov.ua/tender/UA-2017-02-15-002485-c/


Also unofficial English version of “Draft of contract on natural gas procurement” is available here.


The deadline for applying to the tender is 20.03.2017 16:30. The online auction will be run at the Prozzoro electronic platform http://www.prozorro.gov.ua


Should you have any additional questions please do not hesitate to send emails to contact persons indicated in the tender documentation and to businesscooperation@utg.ua