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Strong Ukrtransgaz - strong Ukraine!

To the Prime Minister of Ukraine
Groisman VB
Dear Mr Groisman 
We are the conference delegates of "Ukrtransgaz" Ltd representing a team of twenty thousandth workers who are ensuring efficient operation of the gas transportation system of Ukraine.
We are deeply outraged by information signals from "Naftogaz Ukraine" and especially loud statements of the Chairman Andrii Kobolyev about corruption in "Ukrtransgaz" Ltd. We are living in a democratic country and believe that officials do not have the moral right to give unconfirmed information and manipulate with it in order to achieve their own interests.
For the past eight months our organisation has been a subject of pressured inspections initiated by the officials of "Naftogaz of Ukraine" and related to them auditing companies.
Through groundless accusations of the "Ukrtransgaz" team in corruption, "Naftogaz Ukraine" managers put personal ambition above the state interests and fully nullify the professional work of our great team and stable work of gas transit system in Ukraine. There is also a fact that Naftogaz management appropriated themselves with our  achievements which are opening reverse gas route from Europe to Ukraine, development of the domestic gas market and modernisation of gas transportation system.
Our activities and actions as employees of the "Ukrtransgaz" Ltd are aimed to maintaining a stable image of Ukraine as a reliable transit of natural gas to European consumers. One of the main results of our work is multi-billion replenishment to the state budget in form of taxes, which is the largest source of income for Naftogaz.
We protest against the suspension of Igor Prokopiva from the duties of the President of "Ukrtransgaz" Ltd. We consider it as a challenge to the stability of our team and the reliability of the national gas transportation system in the most difficult and adverse conditions in modern Ukraine.
 We believe that decision about Prokopiv is unreasonable, inequitable and will result violation of collective agreement of the  "Ukrtransgaz" and our social guarantees.

Therefore we appeal to you, Mr. Prime Minister of Ukraine, to help prevent the collapse of the national gas transportation system and stop the pressure on our team. For this reason please intervene in this matter, impose a moratorium on all personnel decisions concerning employees of "Ukrtransgaz" Ltd to pu the end to the inspection by the State Audit Office; to examine the audit results at a meeting of the Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine in the presence of members of the "Naftogaz Ukraine" Supervisory Board  and representatives of the "Ukrtransgaz" labour.


We are transparent and efficient organisation, and our job - is the energy potential of Ukraine.

Strong Ukrtransgaz - strong Ukraine!


On behalf of the workers delegates  "Ukrtransgaz" Ltd.


Kind Regards,


Conference Chairman,  M.S. Tabak