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Ukrtransgaz has been implementing advanced technologies for energy efficiency

23 September 2016 an operator of gas transmission system has been implementing advanced technologies for energy efficiency. For example, an interconnector joined main pipelines “Progress” and “Yahotyn-Cherkassy” using technology “hot tap”, allows to save 15 thousand cubic meters of gas that is more than UAH 1 000 000.

The works were aimed to ensure natural gas supply for Cherkasyy and Cherkasyy region at a new standby pipeline.

“Equipment for so-called “hot tap” technology gives opportunities to carry out connecting works for branch pipe to main pipe without outgassing. Based on conventional technology works require outgassing which means gas emissions of thousand cubic meters influencing ecology and so on” – UKRTRANSGAZ transportation representative explains.

Comparing “hot tap” and conventional technology one can define the following benefits:

  • Gas saving
  • Compressed time frame
  • Personal safety

The most important thing is that “hot tap” technology provides stable gas transportation i.e. without disruption.

“A philosophy has been modified. Well known, workers use cubic meters to measure natural gas. Such measurement is not exact for the reality and money side. A simple phrase has been underlined by us s.s. one cubic meter of gas costs seven gryvnias. Our philosophy had been changed as soon as our specialists began to multiply seven gryvnias by 100 thousand cubic meters of gas resulted in UAH 700 000 and compared with expenditures for wage costs and material supply. Therefore, we have implemented the program aimed at high-energy efficiency.” – It was emphasized by Ihor Prokopiv, President PJSC  “UKRTRANSGAZ”.

In November 2015 technology of “hot spot” was tested at GTS facilities at first time.

UKRTANSGAZ specialists training in the USA had improved their skills in operation and maintenance of equipment for “hot spot” before this process.

Implementing such advanced technologies, management of PJSC “UKRTRANSGAZ” has been oriented to decrease process gas for operation purposes.