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NJSC “Naftogaz of Ukraine” Supervisory Board members visited PJSC “UKRTRANSGAZ”

21 September 2016, Kyiv – Today members of NJSC “Naftogaz of Ukraine” Supervisory Board – Mrs. Julia Kovaliv, Mr. Paul Warwick, Mr. Marcus Richards, Mr. Charles Proctor and Mr. Volodymyr Demchyshyn – made a visit to the headquarters of Ukrainian gas transmission system operator. 

During the working meeting, NJSC “Naftogaz of Ukraine” Supervisory Board members learned about the operation of national gas transmission system Central Dispatching Department. In particular, they were shown the program complex for gas flow modelling and also an automated system for data publishing on European Transparency Platforms.

“National Underground Gas Storage Facilities network is a United technological complex, fully integrated with transmission operation. More of it – each Storage Facility has its individual assigned function”, - underlined Andrii DATSIUK, PJSC “UKRTRANSGAZ” Central Dispatching Department Director.

Also, PJSC “UKRTRANSGAZ” presented the strategy of Ukrainian TSO separation and independence.


In addition, management of national TSO turned supervisory board attention to the necessity of keeping of service subdivisions as integral parts of Operator because they are needed in continuous operation of Transmission System: infrastructure technical condition monitoring, leak finding and removal, construction works, emergency reconstruction works.

The depressurization of gas pipeline in the Odesa region, occurred in August this year, can be counted, as an indicative example of the urgent need to involve personnel of service subdivision for the repair work.

88 employees and 30 special purpose vehicles were involved during that emergency event, 39 of them were workers of service branches “UKRGAZPROMBUD” and “TECHDIAGAZ”.

Igor BURAK - Vice-President and Chief Engineer of PJSC “UKRTRANSGAZ” - explained: “To understand the importance of teamwork of operational and service subsidiaries, you have to understand the specifics of remediation activities. For example in case of pipeline depressurization, at first it is welding, performed by a team of first-class welders of operational units and service branch “UKRGAZPROMBUD”. Then so called “welding seam illumination” is performed by “TECHDIAGAZ” subsidiary. And finally pipeline insulation – again it is done jointly by operational subdivisions and service branches”.