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High-pressure Gas Pipelines

The main component of Ukrtransgaz’ gas transportation system is a network of continuously operational trunk pipelines and branches.

The length of pipelines operated by Ukrtransgaz totals 38,550 kilometers, including 22,160 kilometers of trunk gas pipelines and 16,390 kilometers of pipeline branches. The number of gas distribution stations now stands at 1,455.

Repair and maintenance of trunk pipelines, technical supervision of construction of new and repair existing pipelines operate 6 controls the main gas pipelines (UMG), including 41 linear production department of main gas pipelines (LPU MG) and 9 controls the production of underground gas storage (UGS PU).


Protection of underground infrastructure from soil corrosion and other natural phenomena is performed by 4,658 cathodic protection installations, 120 drainage protection units and 3,084 other protection units which maintain the system’s reliability.



In order to rapidly identify and address gas transportation system operational issues Ukrtransgaz conducts regular comprehensive surveys of the state of all relevant technological equipment through its subsidiary Tekhdiagaz. Evaluation of all infrastructure is carried out using modern methods including magnetic particle inspection of intratube pistons. According to the results of line inspections defects are resolved without interrupting their work.