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Payments & financial security


Payment procedure for booked capacities

We kindly ask you to use the invoice template to calculate the cost of contracted capacity.

Please, indicate the following payment reference:

“Prepayment for contracted capacity (NAME OF THE ENTRY POINT) according to Agreement № ______ dated ___, including VAT_______.”


Bank performance guarantee (docx, eng, 01.03.2019) 

Bank guarantee (ukr) pdf / (eng /unofficial translation) pdf


Contacts for bank guarantee

Guzhviy Tetyana  

Tel. (461) 23-34

e-mail: guzhviy-tv@utg.ua



Financial security by funds

In case your willing to pay the financial security by funds, please mention the following payment reference:

“Financial security for the system balancing services according to p.12.3 of the Agreement № ______ dated ___ (w/o VAT)”.


Procedure of verifying the financial security doc

Calculator xlsx



Contacts for payments and financial security

Priymak Vera

Tel. (044) 461-21-75

e-mail: priymak-vv@utg.ua


Kutcelim Agneta

Tel. +38 044 461 28 15

Mobile. +38 050 443 40 82

e-mail: kutcelim-aa@utg.ua