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Entry/exit points



Name of the entry point to Ukrainian GTS/ name of exit point from Ukrainian GTS

Type of point


 EIC code

1 Ananiiv Exit Moldova 21Z000000000176I
2 Beregdaroc Enty Hungary 21Z000000000139O
3 Beregovo Exit Hungary 21Z000000000139O
4 Budince Entry Slovakia 21Z000000000357E
5 Valuiky Entry Russia 21Z000000000190O
6 Hermanovychyі Entry Poland 21Z000000000266H
7 Grebenyky (ATI) Exit Moldova 21Z000000000178E
8 Grebenyky (SHDKRI) Exit Moldova 21Z000000000178E
9 Drozdovychy Exit Poland 21Z000000000143X
10 Kobryn Entry Belarus 21Z000000000180R
11 Mozyr Entry Belarus 21Z000000000181P
12 Oleksiivka Exit Moldova 21Z000000000182N
13 Orlovka (UA) I Exit Romania 21Z000000000304Z
14 Orlovka (UA) II Exit Romania 21Z000000000305X
15 Orlovka (UA) III Exit Romania 21Z000000000306V
16 Pysarivka 1400 Entry Russia 21Z000000000183L
17 Sydzha 1200 Entry Russia 21Z000000000188B
18 Sydzha 1400 Entry Russia 21Z000000000188B
19 Tekovo Exit Romania 21Z000000000158K
20 Uzhgorod-1 (Souz) Exit Slovakia 21Z000000000384B
21 Uzhgorod-2 (UPU) Exit Slovakia 21Z0000000003859
22 Uzhgorod-3 (DUD) Exit Slovakia 21Z0000000003867
23 Uzhgorod-4 (Progres) Exit Slovakia 21Z0000000003875


List of physical exit points from GTS updated 23.12.2015

List of virtual exit points from GTS (updated June, 2017)

List of virtual entry points to GTS (updated June, 2017)