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EIC codes

EIC-code of PJSC UKRTRANSGAZ — 21Х0000000013279

The EIC-code is the code of the energy identification of the natural gas market entities and /or the commercial metering point determined by the rules of the European Network of Transmission System Operators for Gas (ENTSOG), which is assigned in order to unify and uniquely identify natural gas market entities and commercial metering points installed on units of gas infrastructure, to participate in regional (international) gas markets, and to ensure simplification of procedures of natural gas suppliers change and electronic data exchange between the natural gas market entities .

Any natural gas market entity may contact the LIO with whom he directly interacts with a request to assign the EIC-code. The natural gas market entity may submit an application for the asssigning of the EIC-code. The natural gas market entity, who has already been assigned the EIC-code, shall contact its LIO in the event of change of the information associated with its EIC-code.

   If the applicant, who applied for the EIC-code filled in the submitted form incorrectly or provided incomplete or incorrect information, then LIO has the right to refuse him to assign the EIC code.


How to check the EIC-code

The EIC-code of the consumer in the centralized database, as well as the EIC-code of the respective operator, you may check remotely in online mode.


Application for EIC-code



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