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Dispatching: transportation

Nomination management

Nominations at cross-border points


All documents shall be provided in ukrainian!

Procedure on interaction between PJSC "UKRTRANSGAZ" and transportation service customer for interconnection point connection to the GTS neighboring countries in accordance with the GTS Code.


Application for shipper code   

Application for registration of shipper pair 

Nominations in accordance with the forms provided shall be submitted daily untill 3 p.m. to email : o-dispodu@utg.ua

The name of the file should be : Nomination ШИПЕР КОД_UTG_ DDMMYYYY.xls


Form of application for nomination at Budince 

Form of application for nomination at Beregdaroz

Form of application for nomination at Hermanovychy 

Fill in information marked with red colour!


Monthly nominations


Form of application for nomination (updated 19.05.2017) 

Covering letter  

Letter of reduction of monthly nomination   (updated 12.05.2016) 

Natural gas acceptance delivery protocol on VTP 


Other documents


Natural gas acceptance delivery protocol on VTP (balancing)

Form of application for capacity allocation (Annex 1 to natural gas transportation agreement) 




Stremoukh Olexandr 

tel. 461-21-49

e-mail: stremoukh-av@utg.ua


Shalygin Andrii

tel. 461-21-26

e-mail: shalygin-av@utg.ua


Ganchenko Olga

tel. 461-21-19