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Dispatching: transportation

How to become a customer?

Guidelines for the network users on  how to become the customer of the TSO and the SSO of Ukraine



GTS Operator provides transportation services to network users via Information Platform as a web-application in the Internet under requirements of the GTS Code.

The network users having entered into Transportation agreement with the TSO obtain right of access to the Information Platform.


Information platform provides the following options to its users:

  • Submitting and keeping track of the nominations/renominations;
  • Review of the financial security;
  • Review of the payment for the capacity of GTS entry/exit points;
  • Network user portfolio (inputs and offtakes of the network user for each gas day);
  • Submitting and keeping track of the trade notifications;
  • Entering and keeping track of the status of the periodic customs declarations;
  • Other additional information in line with requirements of GTS Code.


In order to obtain access the network user shall provide to the TSO:

  • Notification on account establishment for authorized representatives of the platform user (for director and the employees) – UA-EN.docx (4).
  • Power of attorney for each authorized representative of the platform user (for employees except the director) – UA-EN.docx (5).


Information on interaction network users with TSO of Ukraine

  • Application for shipper code assigning – UA-EN.docx
  • General timing for submitting and processing of nominations and allocation (EN)
  • List of nominations rejection codes and their description (EN)
  • Nomination/Allocation at interconnection points (EN)


Contact persons of Commercial Dispatching

Contacts of service support and guidance:

Regarding nominations at interconnection points – (044) 461-21-05 (24/7)

Regarding nominations at internal points and allocation – (044) 461-21-14, (044) 461-21-19 (Mon-Sun, 9.00-19.00)

For correspondence: com-disp@utg.ua 


Petrenko Victor (Head of Division)

petrenko-vp@utg.ua, tel. (044) 461-21-55

Shalygin Andrii (Deputy Head of Division)

shalygin-av@utg.ua, tel. (044) 461-21-26

Kutselim Agneta (Deputy Head of Division)

kutcelim-aa@utg.ua, tel. (044) 461-28-15