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Dispatching: storage

How to become a customer?

Guidelines for the network users on  how to become the customer of the TSO and the SSO of Ukraine

Draft of gas storage agreement for non-residents

Online calculation of ugs injection/withdrawal curves   

How to become the ukrainian gas storage operator information platform user? ⪼


Annex 1.2. – UA-EN.docx

Bonded warehouse (act on injection) – UA-EN.docx

Bonded warehouse (act on withdrawal) – UA-EN.docx

Circulation act – UA-EN.docx

Invoices / calculator for all SSO services - UA-EN.xlsx

Bank payment instruction (SSO branch) – EN.docx

Guidelines – storage services – UA-EN.docx



Verbenko Yulia (head of division)

tel.: (044) 461-23-72, 21-08

e-mail: verbenko-yv@utg.ua


Levandovska Kateryna (head of gas accounting unit)

tel.: (044) 461-26-52

e-mail: levandovskaya-en@utg.ua


Martynyuk Natalya (nominations)

tel.: (044) 461-21-08

e-mail: martynyuk-nm@utg.ua


Malitckiy Roman (documental support)

tel.: (044) 461-26-48

e-mail: malitckiy-re@utg.ua


Afanasyeva Iryna (head of storage services unit)

tel.: (044) 461-28-48

e-mail: afanasyeva-ig@utg.ua


Kanivets Natalya (payment transactions)

tel.: (044) 461-23-96

e-mail: kanivets-nv@utg.ua


Denis Dmitry (agreement conclusion)

tel.:(044) 299-73-20

e-mail: denis-dv@utg.ua