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Dispatching: storage

How to become a customer?

Guidelines for the network users on  how to become the customer of the TSO and the SSO of Ukraine 

Draft of gas storage agreement for non-residents

Online calculation of ugs injection/withdrawal curves   

How to become the ukrainian gas storage operator information platform user? ⪼


All documents shall be provided in ukrainian!


Nomination for injection/withdrawal (ukr)

Actual injection/withdrawal to/from UGSF (ukr)

Acceptance delivery of natural gas in UGSF (ukr)

Remains of natural gas in UGSF (ukr)

Cancellation of acts (ukr)



English version of documents is provided only for informational purposes!


Annex 1.2. – UA-EN.docx

Bonded warehouse (act on injection) – UA-EN.docx

Bonded warehouse (act on withdrawal) – UA-EN.docx

Circulation act – UA-EN.docx

Working volume (act on rendering services) – UA-EN.xlsx

Injection_day a head (act on rendering services) – UA-EN.xlsx

Injection_monthly (act on rendering services) – UA-EN.xlsx

Withdrawal_day a head (act on rendering services) – UA-EN.xlsx

Withdrawal_monthly (act on rendering services) – UA-EN.xlsx

Bank payment instruction (SSO branch) – EN.docx

Guidelines – storage services – UA-EN.docx



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