We transport and store
energy of independence


The structure of PJSC Ukrtransgaz consists of 14 subsidiary units operating across Ukraine.


Six trunk pipeline operators: Kyivtransgaz, Kharkivtransgas, Lvivtransgaz, Prikarpattransgaz, Donbasstransgaz,  and Cherkasytransgas. All of these organisations (except for Cherkasytransgas) are involved in underground gas storage.


Construction and installation company Ukrgazpromstroy performs construction and repair of main gas pipelines and construction and development of gas fields and wells.


Production, repair and maintenance company Ukrgazenergoservis provides services related to gas pumping and compressor stations.



Ukrgaztekhsvyaz provides services for technical connectivity.


Technical Diagnostics Research and Production Center Tekhdiagaz provides diagnosis, assessment and certification of key equipment.


Maintenance and repair of imported machinery is carried out by XXXXXXXX.



Research and Design Institute of Gas Transport performs research, design and survey services for transportation, storage and supply of natural gas.


Agrogaz works on the development, processing and marketing of agricultural energy products.